Code generator

The code generator takes your graphical database model and generates DAOs and DTOs.  We support Sybase PowerDesigner out of the box, and support for more modeling tools is coming soon.  You can integrate the generator with your build system via Maven or use it standalone.  And when your project requirements change, just update the database model, regenerate the sources, check the model in the SCM, then sit back and enjoy your fresh code that's always consistent with the database.  And it's fast: you get hundreds of ready-to-use classes in just a few seconds.  The generator makes no mistakes and will happily free you from the tedious side of programming.

Type-safe, object-oriented SQL

OneWebSQL provides an object-oriented, type safe, domain specific language (DSL) for your advanced SQL queries.  Queries built using the DSL are always valid, because invalid ones result in compilation errors.  The constants and dictionaries from the code generator will speed up your programming, and the IDE provides you with autocompletion based on the names in your database.  You'll never make another stupid mistake in a column, table, or view name.  If your database changes, the constants are updated, and any incompatibility is caught by the compiler.  Your IDE will take you straight to the broken code.

JDBC interaction toolkit

When you need more than the generated code, you'll be able to use our JDBC toolkit.  It takes care of connection retrieval, exception handling, and closing acquired resources.  All boilerplate free.

Extensive documentation

Everything you need to use OneWebSQL effectively you'll find in the documentation.  The easy-to-follow guides and numerous examples will get you up to speed in no time.

Database independent

OneWebSQL avoids using vendor-specific features, and when that's not possible, we put the necessary code in dialect-specific database adapters.  We take care of database differences so you won't have to.

Standards compliant

OneWebSQL makes heavy use of SQL and JDBC standards.  You can use OneWebSQL as a whole or just the parts you need - all the componenents work seamlessly with other Java database technologies.

Object-oriented database schema

The code generator translates your database schema into Java objects.  The IDE will use your table and column names as auto-complete options.  Reference table rows become constants, ready to use in your code.

Easy debugging

OneWebSQL does exactly what you tell it to, nothing more.  It translates directly to SQL, making it easy to know exactly what's going on.  You'll have full control and visibility of database interactions.

High performance

The OneWebSQL runtime is a thin layer of error-free query concatenation, exception-safe resource management, and type-safe object construction.  Everything running in the JVM is built for fast performance.

Proper BLOB/CLOB support

BLOB and CLOB columns are fully supported for use as streams.  Byte array and string accessor methods are for convenience only; don't worry about database quirks.

SQL-injection safe

Every database command issued by OneWebSQL uses PreparedStatement.  Even if you concatenate strings yourself, there's no possibility that OneWebSQL will use them unquoted.

Diverse transaction scenarios

OneWebSQL supports different kinds of transactions, in stand-alone and JavaEE applications, and with or without the JTA manager.

Compiler catches schema bugs

OneWebSQL uses Java generics.  The Java and database types must match, so if your schema changes, the incompatible code won't compile.  This lets you jump straight to the erroneous code with your IDE.