Interface ParameterHandler<T>

All Known Implementing Classes:
ArrayParameterHandler, DB2ValueListParameterHandler, DefaultValueListParameterHandler, ListParameterHandler, NoOpParameterHandler, SetBlobParameterHandler, SetClobParameterHandler, SetInputStreamParameterHandler, SetReaderParameterHandler

public interface ParameterHandler<T>

Interface for objects which convert between Java™ objects and database PreparedStatement parameters.

Method Summary
 void bindParameters(PreparedStatement preparedStatement, T parameters)
          Binds the specified parameters (using the methods set<Type>(int index, ...)

Method Detail


void bindParameters(PreparedStatement preparedStatement,
                    T parameters)
                    throws SQLException
Binds the specified parameters (using the methods set<Type>(int index, ...)) to the specified PreparedStatement.

preparedStatement - SQL statement
parameters - parameters to be bound
SQLException - if an error occurs while binding parameters

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