Class ListParameterHandler<T>

  extended by com.onewebsql.util.jdbc.ListParameterHandler<T>
All Implemented Interfaces:

public class ListParameterHandler<T>
extends Object
implements ParameterHandler<List<T>>

Implementation of a ParameterHandler interface which binds objects in the specified list to consecutive parameters of the specified PreparedStatement. The argument of the method ParameterHandler.bindParameters(PreparedStatement, Object) should be an array of objects of type T (T[]). Consecutive elements of the array are bound to consecutive parameters of PreparedStatement, like in the following code:

 statement.setObject(1, list.get(0));
 statement.setObject(2, list.get(1));

Constructor Summary
          Creates a new ListParameterHandler object.
Method Summary
 void bindParameters(PreparedStatement preparedStatement, List<T> parameters)
          Binds the specified parameters (using the methods set<Type>(int index, ...)
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Constructor Detail


public ListParameterHandler()
Creates a new ListParameterHandler object.

Method Detail


public void bindParameters(PreparedStatement preparedStatement,
                           List<T> parameters)
                    throws SQLException
Description copied from interface: ParameterHandler
Binds the specified parameters (using the methods set<Type>(int index, ...)) to the specified PreparedStatement.

Specified by:
bindParameters in interface ParameterHandler<List<T>>
preparedStatement - SQL statement
parameters - parameters to be bound
SQLException - if an error occurs while binding parameters

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