Package com.onewebsql.query

Provides API for creating SQL queries.


Interface Summary
DBAdapter Database adapter interface, provides information specific for one database type (PostgreSQL, Oracle, IBM DB2, etc.).
Expression Interface which is used to build a PreparedStatement object (or a part of it).
TableReference Represents a reference to the table (an element of a FROM clause from SELECT).

Class Summary
AExp Represents an arithemetic expression i.e., the one which has arithmetic value.
AExpColumnWrapper Enables to use an arbitrary arithmetic expression as virtual column.
Alias Represents reference to an expression using an alias for a table, a view or a column.
Column Represents a column of a table expression.
DeleteQuery Represent the DELETE delete query.
Exp Base class for arithmetic and logical expressions.
InsertQuery Represents an INSERT query.
Join Represents a JOIN of two TableReferences.
LExp Represents a logical expression i.e., the one which has a logical value, true or false.
OrderByItem Represents an ORDER BY clause.
SelectQuery Represents a SELECT query.
Subselect Represents a subquery (SELECT ....
TableExpression Represents a table expression (a table or a view).
UpdateQuery Represents an UPDATE statement.
Value Value of a terminal arithmetic expression.
VirtualColumn Represents a special column in a database, which is not associated with any table expression.
WhereQuery Base class of all queries which contains the WHERE clause (such as SELECT, UPDATE, DELETE).

Package com.onewebsql.query Description

Provides API for creating SQL queries.

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