Package com.onewebsql.dao

Contains auxiliary methods used by generated DAO classes.


Interface Summary
DAO<T> An interface of DAO objects.
DaoManager DAO manager interface.
DaoMonitor The DAOMonitor logs information about SQL queries invoked by DAO object.
DaoSchema Contains the name of the schema used by data operations.
DBAdapterMapper Interface of a class mapping data sources to database adapters.
SelectObjectListResult<T> An interface which represents a SELECT query result.

Class Summary
BaseDAO<T> This class provides auxiliary functions used by generated DAO classes.
DefaultDaoManager Default implementation of DAO manager.
DefaultDaoSchema Simple implemenation of the DaoSchema interface.
DefaultDataSourceManager Default implementation of DataSourceManager interface.
DefaultDBAdapterMapper Default database adapter mapper.
DefaultSelectObjectListResult<T> Default implementation of the SelectObjectListResult interface.
DefaultValueListParameterHandler Default implementation of the ParameterHandler interface.

Exception Summary
DBAdapterNotConfiguredException Exception thrown by DBAdapterMapper when no database adapter is configured for the given data source.
QueryFetchException Exception thrown when an SQL query returned the number of rows which is not expected.

Package com.onewebsql.dao Description

Contains auxiliary methods used by generated DAO classes.

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