What's Up, Dear Reader?

I started thinking about this post entry. What subject should I cover? In the previous few posts I've started writing with a season theme: summer, fall or winter. I just realized that we've got this blog for 6 or 7 months up and running. This time I want to start with something different. The question comes to my mind. What's up, dear reader? I know you are there. I know you're reading this. I can't say I can hear your breath, but I can see your browser activity. I've checked a HTTP log file, clever me :)

We have covered a few different topics in our blog. The first on is obvious, is about OneWebSQL itself:


Agnieszka wrote a series of articles about SQL called "SQL Course". Her didactic ability to share the knowledge makes me jealous:


She has also written about the dark corners of Java language. These posts make me more jealous:


I wrote something myself, of course. I shared with you something from my experience:


I'm probably missing something. That's OK. This post is not a blog front page. I just wanted to show you the topics.

Let's go back to the main thought. What about you? What is your opinion about this blog, about our product, about our color theme, about a our fan page on Facebook, about our tweets. Give me a sign, even if you hate that orange :D.