OneWebSQL Is Going Mobile

OneWebSQL mobile teaser

Yes. We are implementing support for iOS and Android platforms. As always, we "eat our own dog food" first, and then finalize the product. Our customers can be assured that they are buying a "battle proven" product.

Our mobile team couldn't resist the robust database layer; they are used to the database driven solution used in our enterprise application development. So they picked up OneWebSQL source and ported it to mobile platforms. Both the Android and iOS platforms use SQLite as a database engine. There is no driver layer (a la JDBC) so the port operates directly on SQLite library. The mobile version, SQLite, is limited as compared with the main edition. There is another difference. Android applications are written in Java, but iOS mobile apps are written in Objective-C. Each language has its own unique characteristics, so features may look different on each platform.

At this point in our development, I do not have further information to share with you about platform differences, since it is not a final product and needs deeper testing, which I have not done yet. Shame on me ;)

I'm aware that we at e-point have a specific development process. In our approach, database is an important piece of application architecture. I'm curious how other mobile teams approach mobile app development on both platforms simultaneously.

What do you think about mobile support? Do you develop business applications on mobile platforms?