OneWebSQL is not so young

Let's face facts. OneWebSQL is not as young as you may think. It was born when the first Internet bubble which was called "Web 1.0" collapsed. Now that we've had Web2.0 for some time, OneWebSQL is a fully grown product.

Let's read the history. In 2001, we started using Torque as the object layer between the database and Java. It had its own limitations, so we created our own version called e-point torque. Editing XML files for over 20+ tables became a nightmare, so we started looking for something different. We parsed PowerDesigner model files and extracted tables from it. It was clear that an effective solution. Data architects prefer to model in proper tools. XML files edited by hand is not an option anymore.

In 2005, we named it OneWeb-OR-Mapping. It was a full Java solution. For almost two years we were using it in our internet solutions. 2007 brought us new requirements. We developed a system with 100+ tables per schema, but the code generator was too slow. We rewrote it to make our developers happy and save their time. In 2009, we added support for generics. It provided more precise completions for Eclipse. At the end of 2011, we decided to transform our internal solution into a product. OneWebSQL has born.

Now it's 2012. OneWebSQL has 10+ years of evolution, of testing, of production launches, of revisions. It's mature, it's well documented. What are you waiting for? ;)