My Favorite Programming Videos

I love Youtube. It is my favorite Internet service. No matter what's you're interested in: free music, movies, makeup tips, fashion advice, cooking recipes, yoga, sonic boom, the inner life of a cell, or info on how to clean a fan, you'll find an awesome Youtube video on it. Today I will share with you a selection of my favorite programming videos.

JavaScript: Douglas Crockford

Douglas Crockford is a Javascript guru. If you're interested in JavaScript, I recommend his lecture The Javascript Programming Language. This is a very mature lecture for grown-up programmers, not a tutorial for script kiddies. To encourage you I will say that not even once does he use the word "alert".

Here is a short sample of Douglas' sense of humor: a two-minute video on JSLint License.

Douglas Crockford also recorded a series of lectures on Javascript.


My idol: Jessica Kerr

I first saw Jessica at JDD in Kraków last year and I have been her fan ever since. Here are Jessica's lectures at JDD.

I also recommend reading Jessica's blog.


Google Tech Talks

If you're not already familiar with it, I recommend the series of lectures by Google: Google Tech Talks. The series covers several different topics, from unit testing to Donald Knuth on God. Whatever (or whomever) you're interested in, search for an appropriate lecture at Google Tech Talks.

What are your favorite programming videos?